Health and Medical

Stem cell therapy – a true miracle on its way

Stem cell therapy is widely used around the world these days. This also holds true for Dubai. With a country being on a path of progress and discoveries, medical science is also getting benefited by the brilliant minds. These great minds are working hard to resolve the issues by the stem cell therapy or in other words, treating diseases by…

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Creative Arts & Design


Art Dubai is managed and owned by The Art Dubai Group (Art Dubai Fair FZ LLC), which is a collaboration of Middle East Fairs Ltd and DIFC (Dubai International Financial Centre). For ten years, The Art Dubai Group has played a valuable role in UAE’s ongoing transformation into a global center for design and arts. The Group produces internationally known,…

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Business Services

Doing Business in Dubai

Why are people heading halfway around the world to do business in Dubai? For starters, it has become a global hotspot and travel destination for some of the wealthiest people in the world as well as your every day tourist. This is just the start of the reasons doing business here is fantastic. Corporate Taxes One thing that keeps big…

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The Golden City of Dubai: Is It Really Made of Gold?

Living in the arms of desert and sea, Dubai is widely recognized for its natural beauty. Dubai opens its doors to the business opportunities and new architecture. For sure it’s tourist’s eye-candy. Dubai is famous as the Golden city but is it actually made of gold? Well, Dubai has been given this name due to the unbeatable development in all…

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