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5 Post Cosmetic Surgery Tips That You Need to Follow

Okay, you are already done with the procedure. You might say that everything is done but you still have the post ops that you need to go through. For some patients, the recovery period is the hardest part of the treatment since this is where they need to ensure that the procedure is a success.


By taking the post-operative care seriously, the road to recovery will be less painful and stressful. Here’s how:


  1. No to strenuous activities

Not getting enough rest would definitely delay your recovery. Remember that your body went through a strenuous and invasive procedure. It is still trying to get back to its normal condition. Ease your way to recovery by not making too much body movement 24-72 hours after the procedure. Too much body stress can infect the treated area and complications may arise. Even when you just had best botox in Dubai, a rest is a must.


  1. Do not poke the treated area

Some patient are way too curious and very much excited to see the outcome of their surgery. As much as possible, only your doctors should be the one to examine the treated area. Poking, nudging or even removing the gauze by yourself can infect the surgical wound. Breast reduction in Dubai surgeons would even advice against massaging the breast or any treated area.


  1. Do not smoke and drink alcohol

Drinking alcohol right after any surgical procedure is a big NO. So is smoking. Alcohol can delay your recovery and healing as it can decrease your blood’s capability to clot. Without proper clotting, the wounds would not heal as fast as it should. Smoking, on the other hand, can affect your overall health and get in the way of your speedy recovery. Try to stay away from these substances before and after the surgery.


  1. Try your best to go to your post-surgery checkup

The feeling of pain and tiredness will set in the moment the anesthesia wears off. The urge to stay in bed is strong. Get much needed rest but do your best to attend your doctor’s appointment. These checkups are necessary to see the progress of your healing and to check if there are any complications.


  1. Eat foods that can help with your recovery

Eating balance meals is important on your recovery. Remember that your body probably lose some fluids and blood during the operation. Eat food that is packed with collagen to help on knitting tissues back together and food loaded with fiber to help on bringing back your body digestive rhythm. Veggies and deep-colored fruits is also good as it is full anti-oxidants that will counter harmful agents used during surgery.