Unexpected Ways of Taking Care of Your Vehicle

We know the usual car maintenance tips: get your oil changed, change the filters and bring them for a regular car maintenance. But there are also other ways of taking care of you auto?

You might not know this, but you might be forgetting something when it comes to car maintenance. Aside from the usual car care tips, you can increase the longevity of your car by doing these things:


  1. Use them often

Okay, this tips might be out of this world. But using your car often can prolong its lifespan. Vehicles stored in the garage may deteriorate in the long run. Letting your car sit in storage for a long time will cause the engine to malfunction as the engine might get stuck up and some of the parts like the belt, the tires and the rubber hoses will weaken as well. If you are going to leave your car in storage for at least two weeks, be sure to take it for a good run to ensure that the engine is in full operating temperature.


If you are keeping in storage, prepare your car well. Make sure to add fuel stabilizer and run the air conditioning on a regular basis to prevent the seals from drying up.


  1. Have a reliable spare parts supplier

This is also a farfetched advice, but having a credible spare parts supplier can help on your car maintenance, especially for automobiles with hard to find spare parts. Sometimes, car owners tend to disregard spare parts replacement since they can’t find a suitable one. Mercedes Benz spare parts dealers Dubai area would definitely give you the parts that you need in case of a car breakdown.



  1. Get a car insurance

Yes, you need one. Not only will it save you from financial distress of having your car fixed in case of a breakdown. It will also ensure that your car will be fixed in a timely manner. Broken cars that left unfixed will lead to your car’s demise.  At times that you are short of money but you need to fix your auto, a car insurance will help you.


  1. Go for full tank

Filling your gas in full tank maybe a bit expensive but it can help your car in the long run. Cars running in low gas tank has tendency to cause pollutants and contaminants consumption and will cause your car to run on a rough patch.


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