5 Money-Saving Tricks On Renting A Car

Renting a vehicle can bring forth a number of advantages to people, especially who are working on a shoestring budget. Instead of buying a brand new vehicle, it is more ideal to rent out a vehicle, especially if you are just going to use it once.

But you can still save some pennies when you go for an SUV for rent in Dubai when you do the following money-saving pointers:

  1. Book early

If you are planning to use or rent a car for an upcoming event, it would be best to scout for a rented vehicle early so you have the luxury to compare prices and probably score a deal of look and book sooner. Also, you will have the opportunity to score an upgrade and get amazing rented car for less, especially if you book during their lean season. During this season, car companies would like to ensure that their cars are being leased, so they offer lower prices, even to their one-of-the-kind vehicles.

  1. Visit car rental sites directly

There are some travel-related sites that offer car rental services as their supplier. You might think that you are getting considerable discounts. But in reality, you are paying more since third party sites top up prices to cover their advertisement deals. It would be best to book directly with car rental sites to get flat rates with no top ups.

  1. Swipe your card

Some travelers prefer to pay upfront thinking that they can negotiate the deal. But more often than not, this doesn’t happen. But if you use your credit card to pay, you might be getting some promo that comes with using your card. Do not be afraid to swipe your card in these instances.

  1. Decline insurance offers

Some car rental companies try to score more buy offering add ons like car insurance. But your current insurance policy probably got you covered. Add to that, your credit card company is also providing you with the insurance you need. So there is no need to get an additional car insurance when you rent a vehicle. It would be best to stick with what you already have to save more money.

  1. Ask for a breakdown

When the car rental company bill you, be sure to ask for a breakdown before you made a payment. You need to see whether there are incurred charges that you do not know about.

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