Finding a good architect – revealing the myth

Every house, as it ages, requires the services of good and reliable architect. Sometimes that might mean finding someone to fix the roof, sometime the tiles in your bathroom, sometimes to fix the cooling and heating system. Regardless the fix, finding someone that can do the job efficiently and in time is essential for every house owner. However, there will also be a time when you need to put your home through a detailed renovation that is best handled by an architect. Architects all over Dubai are in high demand and it’s of great importance for many home owners to know how to find someone that knows his trade well. Simply opening the yellow pages and calling the first available architect is a sort of a gamble with your money and it can easily end with paying a large amount of money for sub-standard work.


For many years people used mouth to mouth recommendations for finding reputable architecture companies in UAE. However, sometimes it happens that none of your friends or relatives know the type of architect that you need or the one that they know to be too busy at that time. When that fails many people go online and start browsing online for local architects. But, just because you type “best architect in Dubai” doesn`t mean that Google will lead you to the best architect in Dubai, or even close to that.  Google might pop up pretty relevant results on plenty of matters, but don`t rely too much on it for this type of search.

Asking on online public forums is also commonly done by many people. Sometimes that can lead to a good recommendation, but it can also lead to a poor recommendation as well. Basically, because a stranger that you haven`t met in real life tells you to trust his judgment and his word. You need to consider that an architect can be on the other side of the line and can effectively recommend himself to you without you having a clue.

The alternative to everything said so far on how to find a reliable architect and engineering consultants in Dubai is to use free architects’ referral services. This is how they work. You are a homeowner and you need the services of some particular architect. You contact them, you tell them what you need and they connect you with an architect that will get the job done in timely manner and efficiently. They only work with proven and reliable architects. Their business depends on the recommendation they made and how efficiently the architect does his job. That is why they carefully choose who they work with. Architects cannot apply to work with them unless they are invited to do so.