5 Ways You Can Make The Most Out Of Your Translation Company

The work of a document translator can be useful for businesses. For one, the document they translated will be read by stakeholders in different parts of the world, which is why picking the right translation company in Dubai is necessary.

But as clients, you need to do your part to ensure that the translator will be able to do his/her job properly. If you are sending a document for translation, be sure to follow these tips so you can make the most out of your translation company:

  1. Know your manuscript

Some clients have no idea about the documents they send in for translation. This practice is considered a bad one for translators. For one, the client need to understand the document, so he/she can check the work of the translator thoroughly. It is not enough that you know the manuscript in a literal sense. You need to know the context of the document and the message behind the sentences.

  1. Create a synopsis

Before sending the document over for translation, try to create short summary of the document. This is to give the translator a general idea about the document. The synopsis will help them know what the manuscript is all about and for them to know the context of the document. When the translator know the context of the document, it is easier for them to formulate the translation without losing the meaning of the document.

  1. Prepare a list of terminologies

This step is necessary, especially if you are ordering a Dubai legal translation. Technical terms and jargons are common in an industry, but the translators need to know how the terms are used in your business language. It would be best to give them a glossary of terms so they would know how they will use the terms in the translated manuscript.

  1. Brief your translator

When you deal with a translation company, you don’t just send in your document and let them do their job. Document translation is a complicated job and the translator need to have as much insight as possible to accurately translate a document. It would be best to brief your translator and discuss the document and how you want it to be translated.

  1. Review the output

Once the translator is done, be sure to go over the document thoroughly. Do not just approved the output. Be sure to check the veracity and authenticity of the translated manuscript to ensure that it is correct.