4 Tips To Help Your Kids Cope On Their First Day In School

For toddlers who are going to a nursery in Al Warqa for the first time, the thought of being away from their comfort zones might be unnerving and overwhelming. Fear and anxiety can set in once the actual day comes. This can lead to a bad start in school that can affect your kid’s performance throughout the year.


If your kid is having anxiety issues about his/her first day in school, here are some preps that can ease your kid’s mind towards going to school:


  1. Prep them months before


One of the common mistakes that parents commit when prepping their kids for their first day in school is doing it too late. When you start the preparation and transition process a day before the school starts, you are not giving your kids enough time to process his/her emotions. You need to ease him/her into going to school. Teachers from the best nurseries in Abu Dhabi said that the ideal prep time is a month before the school year starts. This would give you enough time to psyche your kids and deal with their negative emotions associated with school.


  1. Ask about his/her thoughts about school


Parents need to initiate a talk with their kids about school, especially if this is their first time. Mostly likely, your kids will beat around the bush or will try to extricate themselves from the conversation. Find creative ways to coax them to talk. Once they express their apprehension, you need to let them know that their feelings are valid and explain to them that it is perfectly normal. Once they are at ease, you can start telling them what to do they are feeling nervous in school.


  1. Be cheerful on his/her first day


Always start the day right on your kid’s first day of school. Remember that your kid is already feeling nervous and overwhelmed. Try not to add to his/her apprehension. Instead lighten up the mood and show him/her that you are excited for him/her. This would help your kid to be more positive and would calm his/her nerves.


  1. Make friends in your kid’s school as well


Some parents drive their kids to school on their first day and stay a while to get their kids settled. Stay for a couple of hours and try to interact with other parents as well. When your kid sees that you are making friends, he/she will be encouraged to do the same as well.